WeedPro is dedicated to helping keep things green in as many ways as possible. This is one reason we are excited to introduce our most recent effort to care for Mother Earth: Paperless quoting!

We use the technology of satellites available to us to measure your yard and give you a quote helping make the earth a better place environmentally all while providing more accurate calculations of your yard and with more convenience to you.

By not having to travel to your house, we reduce car pollution being emitted into the air we breathe. It might not seem like much, but according to IPCC, 22% of all air pollution is from cars and every less needless car on the road helps.

Our paperless system also creates a more accurate quote for you. With the use of satellites we are able to precisely measure your yard area, even being able to measure around parts of the yard we won’t touch like your garden or flower bed while not invading the privacy of your home in any way.

And all this comes with more convenience to you. The days of waiting at home for a company to come to your house is over, at least when it comes to lawn care. If we know your address we are able to get an aerial shot of your yard to get precise measurements for the work you need done.

You might think coming to your yard will help us know what you need exactly. However, WeedPro professionals are just that…professionals. We know lawns and we know Georgia and understand the types of problems people are having throughout the year in the Georgia area.

Our paperless quoting service is available to everyone. Anyone wanting a free quote to get organic lawn care for their yard can get it while helping the earth at the same time. We want to help give you the green yard you want while remaining green in spirit.