You may love your cat 99% of the time but when your cat keeps getting into your garden, it can be difficult keeping your cool. Cats, although harmless in nature, are too curious for their own good. They can often leave your garden filled with what you don’t want. Below are some of the tips of the trade to help keep your garden free of your pesky cats

Wooden Sticks

Putting sticks in your garden every six inches or so will keep your cats from scratching and digging into your gardens.

Cat Repellentstommy-kitten-1433779-m

You can take this one a few ways but some basic ideas are things such as going out and buying different cat repellants. Many cat stores have things that do a great job. Mothballs can be bought and they also do a really fine job at deterring those pesky felines. Citrus as a general rule, also does a great job. Weird enough, cats don’t really like citrus.

Water water water

Water, from the beginning of time, has always been cat’s kryptonite. You likely have noticed that they don’t like water so keeping your plants with lots of water will help deter the felines. If you want to take it to the next level though, you should invest in a motion activated sprinkler. It will scare the cats and leave them running with their tails between their legs.

The bottom line

No matter what you decide to do, being proactive is the key to keeping cats out. Make sure that you try a few ideas and see what is the best for your garden today.

Photo Credit: Minita