A lawn full of weedsEvery year as the temperatures start to warm up we get excited to move outdoors. The thrill of finally enjoying that summer air brings a liberating feeling to everyone. After taking a deep breath of the outdoors, we glance down and notice something odd and strangely out of place. A weed! After picking that pesky summer killer, we look up and see more and more and more of them and the thought of removal is terrible. Not soon after that thrill of outdoor fun reached into our hearts is the dream crushed by the daunting task of a summer full of pulling weeds. Now this does not need to happen to you and we can show you how. Here are four tips for you to prevent these weeds from growing and keep the weeding to a minimum.

  1. Cut your grass on a regular basis
  2. The same concept applies with brushing your teeth. If you are up and active on brushing, you can pretty much avoid the dentist as long as you like, but as soon as you forget and do “extra” brushing, you’re overdue for a visit. Make sure and mow your lawn on a weekly basis. If your lawn is neglected then weeds and other pesky plants will start to grow without interruption and infest your lawn.

  3. Stay active
  4. If you manage to keep up on the small amount of weeding that needs to be done, then you’ll find yourself only having to spend a few minutes each day or every other day to keep up the beauty of your lawn. Once you neglect to pull for a few weeks, then you are going to start feeling overwhelmed and realize that a few hours or the entire day will be wasted with weeding.

  5. Know your weeds
  6. Certain weeds need certain types of care. Not all weeds can just be pulled and never come back. Some weeds require certain sprays or landscaping changes to resolve issues. Contact a professional or look online to see specific details about the proper treatment for each week.

  7. Start young
  8. The earlier you can get outdoors to resolve the issue the better. If you can get rid of as many weeds as possible at the start of the summer, than you have less of a source for pollination and seeding of yards. Start soon and you won’t regret it.

We hope that your summer is a weedless wonderland. If you have lawn care Georgia problems, give Weedpro a call.