Now that September is here, it’s time to begin finishing up with summer yard work and prepare for cooler seasons. Obviously, this process is going to be different based on your location. While people in the north need to prepare for harsh winter conditions with their lawn care, those of us in warmer climates need to switch to more of a “maintenance” mentality.

To finish up the summer, we recommend the following efforts be made with the lawn in order to maintain it throughout the cooler seasons:

1-      First of all, mow thoroughly as your last full mowing session. Cut the grass low, go over every part of your yard, and be sure to bag it up. Even if you prefer to mulch throughout the summer season, you will want to bag in order to make everything look as professional as possible, as well as allowing for easier returns to touch things up.

2-      Weed whack and trim and edge the lawn as well. This is a comprehensive sweep of all of the things you do during the main season. Trim low and edge very thoroughly.

3-      Weed your garden definitively, in order to make returning to it easier to do overall.

Basically, finishing up with summer yard work is all about doing one major effort in order to make your lawn look great through the fall. It will be easier to maintain with yard work after this as well, saving you a lot of effort.

No matter what, your yard is going to do better through season transitions if people put work and care into it. It helps it to be as healthy as it can be, and will look a lot better as well. We are happy to help with any lawn care needs that you have- contact us today!

Photo Credit: Greg Lilly Photos via Photo Pin