One of the primary concerns for most homeowners is the condition of their yard.  The lawn in the front and back yards of a home or property are important to homeowners because a well-kept yard looks far more attractive than one that is dead and dying or rarely maintained.

But caring for the lawn of the home can stretch beyond simple aesthetics. With a well-manicured yard a homeowner canbench-1376654-m do several things but among them are boost the value of their property as well as keep the property safe as would-be criminals will see the lawn maintenance as a sign of regular occupancy and choose to target a less risky home instead.

Whatever the reason, those homeowners who wish to take better care of their yards can do so by remembering to feed their grass and nourish their yards. Feeding the turf of the home is one of the most important actions a homeowner can take to care for their grass because a well-feed lawn is a healthier, more resilient lawn.

Specifically, those homeowners that use grass feed as a part of their regular lawn care routines will be able to help build a stronger root system in their grass.  With this healthier and stronger root system, a lawn will be more adept at combating such common enemies to grass as:

  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme or prolonged cold
  • Insects
  • Drought
  • Foot traffic

A better root system will likewise help the grass of the property to hold up against the mowing season of the spring and summer.  And speaking of the spring and summer, these two seasons are among the most important times of the year to ensure that the yard is being properly feed.

Using a fertilizer dispenser, grass feed can be distributed evenly across the yard in early and late spring to ensure a healthy growth into the summer season.  Once the summer hits, a homeowner can continue to spread grass feed that will help the lawn to look its best through the hot and dry summer months.

By understanding the benefits of feeding the yard with grass feed, a homeowner can further protect their lawn and keep it growing green and healthy for years to come.

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