What is Edging: 
Edging the yard is a big part of yard care. Not only does it help the grass to be healthier, but it also makes your yard space look its best at all times! Edging is not something that everyone thinks of when they are considering the lawn care they need to perform, but it serves a vital function all the same.

Edging the LawnAs grass grows on the edge of sidewalks and driveways and other paves, it naturally grows up and out. As the grass does this, its physical; presence helps to trap the particles of dirt and sand that are going to be blown around in the air every day.

As these particles accumulate and build up along the edge of a paved area, it in turn turns into a fertile ground for more grass to grow. Therefore, they cycle is one that perpetuates itself, making it so that the lawn expands, getting more and more irregular in nature.
This buildup serves to make the yard look less good, as well as expanding the grass more than you would probably like. Therefore, edging is going to be the key to the situation. While edging does not have to be done as often as mowing, it still should be performed on a regular basis.

How to Edge: Edging is best done with an edger, simply for the sake of simplicity and being able to do a good job. These tools are built specifically with this job in mind, so they will be able to deliver a good set of results for you.

When edging, it is important to be as safe as possible, and to focus on doing an accurate and effective job. Move the tool at a consistent rate and make sure to do exacting straight lines, right on the boundary between ground and pavement.

Done right, this will help your yard to look much better!