So much lip service is spent on how to maintain your car—but isn’t your lawnmower just a simpler version of a car?

A well-tended to lawnmower, if it had an odometer, could testify to hundreds of thousands of miles. Follow these easy tips to keep your lawnmower running for years to come.

Clean it regularly

After each use, you should brush out any clippings lodged underneath your lawnmower. Also give your lawnmower a thorough cleaning about once a year. Tilt it on its side, spray it out (with the gas tank empty, of course) with a garden hose, wash with soapy water, and then rinse.

Replace the air filterlawn-mower-764544-m

Many of the things you do to maintain your car apply to your lawnmower as well, and this applies to the air filter. A dirty air filter makes the engine work harder than it should. Clean or replace it at least once or twice a year.

Change the oil

A lawnmower’s engine can only run smoothly if it’s well oiled. You really only need to replace the oil once a year—at the ending of your lawn’s growing season, right before you put the lawnmower away for the winter.

Replace spark plugs

While you’re changing the oil, it’s a good idea to replace your lawnmower’s spark plugs, as well. That way you won’t have to worry about it not starting properly next year.

Sharpen the blades

A good chef keeps her knives sharp, and an effective lawnmower always has sharp blades. In fact, dull blades can add a brownish tint to your grass.

If you follow these easy tips, your lawnmower will be working well for many years—it may even outlast your car.

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