Yes, we often think of Drought only affecting large farms or countries as a whole but what about the lawns and small gardens out there? These are often the first to go in a disaster and take special maintenance and attention to keep up on.


Right now it is a good idea to bring up one of the most pervasive disasters which might not get as much attention- drought. While a drought might not inspire dramatic imagery like a tsunami or a raging fire might, the fact of the matter is that droughts can do just as much damage.

Right now the United States is in the midst of a drought which is nearly on par with the one leading up to the Great Depression. Already more than half of the country has been declared to be an official disaster zone by the United States government. The dryness and scorching heat have destroyed fields and fields of crops, as well as ruining soil fertility. The economy has been affect by this issue as well, because with less crops on the market, prices will be raised and everything will be more expensive for everyone.

Drought conditions have also led to raging fires in the West, leading to many thousands of acres being consumed in the flames. We would urge everyone reading to be aware of drought conditions and be aware that it is a disaster which is worth paying attention to.

We urge all readers to conserve water whenever possible and to try to adopt better habits relating to their water use. It may not seem like much on a person to person basis, but it will make a difference if more of us can pitch in and help. Let’s all do our part to get through this trying time.

Photo Credit: kalu_rau