What exactly is a thatch?

Thatches are both living and dead roots, leaves, stems and other like things that line your yard’s soil. It isn’t a big deal until that thatch becomes too thick, preventing the grass from being able to grow.

What To Do:

You can do it manually or use a dethatcher machine. Both work, one just takes more effort and time. When using a dethatcher, the machine pulls up the thatch, breaking it up and redistributing it out onto your lawn, where it is no longer a hindrance to your lawn.

This can also be done manually, but takes a lot of time and energy. You can use a rake to break up the thatch, or use a shovel and scrape up the thatch. We recommend professional help to do this so you don’t damage your lawn, but it if you know the right steps, and have the patience, you are able to do it by yourself.

Remember this: When it comes to dethatching your lawn, there are a few rules that need to be known:

  • Make sure you wait for your lawn to be dry before you start dethatching.
  • Dethatching works best when the weather is cooler.
  • To get a proper dethatched lawn, multiple dethatchings should take place.
  • Don’t dethatch your lawn unless it needs to be, otherwise you might cause damage.