It seems to be an enigma to many homeowners and property owners, but the secrets to keeping the lawn looking fresh and healthy during the summer are not terrible hard to grasp—they just take a bit of work.  The harsh heat from the summer sun can do some serious damage to a home’s yard, especially if you, the homeowner, are not doing your part to keep the lawn healthy.

Don’t Park on the Grassno parking

Some of the tips to keeping your lawn looking robust during the short but intense summer months are fairly common sense in nature.  For example, avoid the common summer habit of some to park on the grass.

Parking a vehicle on the grass, or even leaving the riding lawnmower on the turf for extended periods of time can cause extensive damage to the grass, and sometimes will require replacement turf to be installed.  But other tips to keeping the grass green and looking sharp through the summer may not be as well known.

Cutting the Grass to the Right Length

The greatest enemy to a yard in the summer is the heat from the summer sun.  Most people know and understand that, but some may not know how to combat the damaging summer heat.

One of the best ways, and one of the best tips to a healthy summer turf, is to ensure that the lawn stays mowed at the right length. The correct height for a yard is vital to its overall health during the summer because the longer grass has proven sturdier to withstand the high temperatures of the summer.

With longer grass, the yard protects itself by providing shade for the soil beneath which in turns reduces the evaporation rate of water in the soil which further fortifies the root system of the yard. The right mowing height for your lawn will depend on the grass type, but remember that overall your lawn should be taller in the summer to keep it healthy.

In addition to raising the height of the mower, a homeowner can take better care of their yard in the hot summer months by ensuring that they are watering the yard sufficiently.  Proper watering will be the key to a healthy and vibrant summer yard.

Water Correctly and Sharpen the Mower Blades

Here again, each grass type will require different levels of water for the summer months, but a good rule of thumb is to give they yard around one and a half inches of water per week.  This figure includes rain water, so if you have a raining week you can save on water by turning off the sprinklers.Mower

Another tip for a great looking summer lawn is to sharpen the lawnmower’s blades at the beginning of the season.  A dull blade from a lawn mower will not kill the grass like under-watering or mowing too short, but it will tear at the grass causing an unsightly and ragged look (which will in turn lead to browned edges and tips on the blades of the grass and possible usher in diseases on the yard).

By remember to keep in line with the above tips a homeowner can ensure that their yard looks lush and healthy the whole summer long.

Photo Credit: mrsmuckers13dede