When you are trying to take better care of your lawn, you have to know how you are going to care for your lawn throughout the winter. Winters in Duluth can be harsh and even though your lawn will not grow throughout the winter months, there are still ways you can care for it.

Winter Lawn CareWinter is coming! First, when you know that winter is going to roll around you will need to clean up your yard.  When you are cleaning up your lawn, you want to make sure that you take all of the debris, leaves or even toys or lawn ornaments off of your lawn before the winter season rolls around.

As you are cleaning up the objects on your lawn, you should know why you are doing this.  The grass can be smothered when there are objects left on the lawn and when the grass is smothered more disease, insects, mice or even pests may start to infiltrate your lawn.

When these things start to infiltrate your lawn, your grass may not be able to recover from the winter season. So, before you do any type of lawn care, quickly scan the yard so you are going to be able to remove anything that is going to hurt your lawn throughout the winter months.

Keep it Short. Second, as you start mowing your lawn in preparation for winter, you will want to make sure that you lower the height of your lawn mower.  When you cut your grass and it is too long, you will find that your grass may fold over on itself and smother itself throughout the winter.

Although you do not want to cut the grass too long, you will also have to avoid cutting it too short.  When you cut the grass and the crown of the plant is exposed, you will have cut it too short and the exposure may damage the plant beyond recovery.

Throughout the winter months, you may want to re-route the traffic through your yard.  When there is a lot of traffic through one area on the grass, the grass may be a lot slower to green back up in the spring and it can be a lot more difficult to rehabilitate in the spring.

While you are working on keeping your lawn healthy you should also monitor the weather conditions. Chipping away the ice or even removing the snow before a storm will ensure that the weather is not going to hurt the turf that your grass is growing from.

After you have put the lawn to bed and when you know that you are going to be able to monitor your lawn throughout the winter, this may be all that you are able to do for your lawn throughout the winter months.

Caring for your lawn throughout the winter is important if you want a lawn that is going to be healthy during the spring. Create a plan this winter to ensure your grass is healthy and happy throughout all of the winter months.