Lawn in a DroughtHaving a rough time getting water to your lawn?

When summer time rolls around, it can be difficult to care for your lawn when the clouds are not giving up a drop of water.  If the area that you are in experiences a drought, you still have to know how you are going to care for your lawn.  To ensure that your lawn does not suffer permanent consequences, you have to be sure that you prepare yourself before the drought is upon you.

What can you do?

Here are the basic steps that you will need to follow to keep your lawn in the best possible condition when your water supply is scarce…

  1. Mow your lawn higher so the roots continue to grow deeper.  The deeper your roots, the easier it will be for your lawn to access the water that is stored deep inside of the soil.
  2. When you are watering your lawn, you will want to minimize runoff as much as you can. Do this by watering your lawn slowly or even watering the entire lawn in different cycles.
  3. When you do water your lawn, water it deeply instead of watering it frequently.
  4. Preform regular maintenance on your sprinkler system so you can be sure that there is not any water being wasted in the sprinkler system.
  5. Aerate your lawn to ensure the water is able to penetrate into your lawn effectively.
  6. When you are using a portable sprinkler, make sure that use a sprinkler on a timer.
  7. Water your lawn in the early morning hours. This way, you will not lose water to evaporation.

So, if your lawn looks like it is suffering this summer, do not be afraid to change up your watering pattern.  This way, you know that you are able to allow the water to reach your grass roots and nourish your grass.