Sometimes laying sod can be an expensive and time consuming venture, but there are some great benefits to laying sod.

While many people choose to save or do things their own way and plant their grass by seed, there can be some problems.

  1. There are most likely going to be people that step on the seedlings before they are strong enough to bear it.
  2. These areas become weed infested if you don’t watch it closely and make sure you are using the right weed killer.
  3. The seedlings take a lot of care and even then they may not come out the way you want.
  4. You may not like the grass that comes out in the end!

So what are the benefits of sod?

  1. You can touch and feel it before you buy it. This allows you to know if the grass is what you are looking for.  It also lets you grassaccess the healthiness of it as well.
  2. This grass may take a lot of water at first but in the end it will take less care and there will be instant results that the kids can play on right afterwards. This is a great solution for parents who just can’t seem to keep their kids off of things.
  3. Although it can be hard work it is only for a little while and then you can feel a sense of fulfillment as you look out on a newly created lawn.
  4. Since sod is already thick grass, there will be less susceptibility to weeds. You still need to watch closely though and make sure you are fertilizing and using the right weed control tactics.

The next time you are planning your lawn, remember that sod can be a great, instant addition to your home. This will be something worth looking at right after you get done. Too many people get impatient with their seedlings and end up getting sod anyway.  If you know that you can wait for it and keep the environment controlled enough, then maybe seedlings is the way to go for you, but for those who can’t sod can be a good solution.

Photo Credit: microboy