Mowing the lawn is something that you are going to be doing about once a week, depending on where you live and what the weather conditions are like. Since people who mow the lawn will be doing this chore a lot over the summer and into the fall, the question of bagging the clipping versus simply mulching them comes into question.

Both of these options are viable and can provide you with good results. It all comes down the effect that you want to have on your yard, as well as the work that you’d like to do.

MulchingBagging the yard clippings is something that you are going to want to do in order to keep things clean and tidy. Most mowers will automatically suck up the grass they have cut and then keep it in an attached bag.

People who are doing this job can then use this attached part to transfer the clippings to a bag, which then can be tied off and put into a garbage can to be taken away later. This method does lead to neater looking and more professional results for your yard.

Done right, you can mow the lawn and then bag it, put it in the cans and have it taken away- repeating each week. It is a good way to ensure that everything is neat and tidy and good looking.

On the other hand, this process does involve a lot more work than mulching does. Shifting grass clippings from bag to bag and healing them to trash cans does make this process longer and a bit more strenuous than the alternative.

As such, it is a good example of something that takes a bit of extra time, but also gives very nice results. Those who take up this option can usually expect to do this about once a week in order to keep growth under control.

Mulching is a more direct process. When mulching, the person doing the job will remove the bagging implement from the mower and change up the settings to mulching.

When mulching, the blades will chop of the grass into finer material above the cut line and then return it to the earth. The clippings then will turn into mulch and will return their nutrients to the earth.

As such, the act of mulching is one where the contents of the yard are utilized in order to add more nutrients to it. There is no bagging involved, so this process is going to be a lot faster than the other one.

That being said, this options is also a bit messier than the alternative is. Since the clippings are returned to the surface of the yard, it looks a bit less polished and professional than if they had been taken away.

On the other hand, this process is simpler and easier than the alternative. When it all comes down to it, picking one of these options is all about what people are expecting out of the results that they will get.
Photo Credit: Anneheathen via photopin cc