All-America Winners..

All-America Selections (AAS) has announced its 2010 Flower Award winner and Bedding Plant Award winners.

Flower Award Winner: ‘Mesa Yellow’ gaillardia (blanket flower)
‘Mesa Yellow’ quickly fills in containers, making it adaptable to 4-inch and larger containers. It offers a branching, mounding habit with horizontal vigor and continuous blooming. It is naturally drought tolerant, and the flowers can be cut and used for summer bouquets. If left on the plant, they attract butterflies. It is hardy to Zone 5.

Bedding Plant Award Winners: ‘Twinny Peach’ dwarf snapdragon and ‘Zahara Starlight Rose’ zinnia
‘Twinny Peach’ is a unique dwarf snapdragon with a double or butterfly flower form. The name ‘Twinny’ refers to twins or doubles, a reminder of the double flower form. Flowers are peach, yellow, or light orange, blending together for a novel presentation. Gardeners can expect spikes of pastel colors throughout the growing season.

‘Zahara Starlight Rose’ is the first zinnia with rose and white bicolor blooms produced on disease-resistant plants. The branching plants are resistant to leaf spot and mildew. The single rose and white, 2-inch blooms are stunning and encourage impulse sales. It provides continuous flower color with minimal care.