Nobody likes putting up with bugs, but you don’t want to start spraying pesticides everywhere, either.

If you’re looking for an organic way to rid your home and garden of annoying bugs and insects, these 6 plants can help repel pests and make your house and garden more beautiful in the process. They act as natural bug repellants, and when planted around the garden, near outside seating areas, or in pots in the house, they help keep the creepy crawlers away.

LavenderOrganic Pesticides

The smell of lavender is pleasant and calming, but it has the added benefit of repelling mosquitos and gnats. Plant it close to windows and doors to keep these pests from flying inside.


Citronella is a common ingredient in bug-repelling candles, and it works in plant-form as well. It’s great at keeping flying insects away in particular.


The pretty feverfew flower will brighten up any garden, and it has many of the same bug-repelling properties as lavender and citronella. In fact, these three plants work even better when they’re planted in close proximity to each other.

Pyrethrum Chrysanthemum

If your garden is prone to aphids, ants, mites, leafhoppers, harlequin bugs, ticks, etc., plant some pyrethrum chrysanthemum in with the other plants. It truly is a miracle bug repellant, keeping many different kinds of insects away.

Try these 4 plants as part of your overall organic lawn care strategy. You’ll be amazed at how well they keep bugs away, and how great they look in your home and garden!

Postrunner: Hans