Keeping your lawn lush and green throughout the summer is going to depend a lot on how you’re watering it.

Your lawn should get about 1-1.5 inches of water per week, whether it’s from watering or precipitation. Also, grass roots grow on average 6 inches deep, so you need to make sure the water penetrates the soil deep enough.

How often you water your lawn per week will depend on three things: location, soil type, and type of grass.

1.     Location, Location, Location

Where you live will make a huge impact on how often you should water your lawn during the summer. Basically, your lawn will need the most water during times of high heat, low humidity, and draught; all of which are highly dependent on your location.

For specifics about how your area will affect lawn watering, your greatest source of information will come from your local lawn care provider or garden center.

2.     Type of soilChoose the right soil for your lawn.

When deciding how often and how long to water your lawn, you need to consider the type of soil you have:

  • Sandy soil: needs less water, but more frequently because it absorbs water faster
  • Loam: holds water well, without runoff or puddling
  • Clay: absorbs slowly, and can be prone to runoff if you water too quickly

3.     Grass type

Certain strands of grass have deeper roots, and need to be watered for longer durations. Others do well in dry climates, and may need to be watered less. The bottom line—know your type of grass, and then research how much water it needs. Again, call the experts: your local lawn care provider or garden center.

Everyone’s lawn is a work-in progress. With proper maintenance and a little research, you can have the beautiful lawn of your dreams. For more helpful tips, check out our recent blog on lawn basics.

Photo Credit: Krappweis