Organic grassIf you are not used to an organic lawn, there are probably a few things that you might forget to do.  We have created a list of organic lawn care maintenance  items to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green.

Rule 1:

Don’t Cut your Grass Low

Make sure that you cut your grass in increments and never cut your lawn too close to the ground.  Longer grass provides better shade from the sun to help seeds grow at an optimal speed.

Rule 2:

More Seed is More Green

Because there are millions of seeds contributing to you lawn as a whole you need to make sure that you yearly reseed your lawn.  The thicker your lawn is, the more likely you are able to crowd out weeds and other lawn killers.

Rule 3:


Make sure you Aerate once a year as well.  Aeration provides quicker access for water and air to get to the roots of your lawn and nourish the source.  Aeration can make your lawn stand out from all the rest.

We hope the 3 rules of Organic Lawn Care help you have the best looking yard in the neighborhood, and if you have any questions, contact weedpro today for all your organic lawn care needs.