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There is a brand new, special product that is on the market which allows us to spray your lawn and yield Better Results than a conventional core aeration method.
This liquid aeration not only will create micro-fractures in the soil allowing water and nutrients to go even deeper, it also contains soil amendments that improve clay and sandy soils!

In summary, it will create a better and more thorough aeration of your lawn, not be unsightly with plugs on the lawn, and also have additives to improve your compact clay and sandy soils.

The Best in Lawn Care Backed by 20 years of Excellence!

Do you have a sprinkler system or buried cable lines in the lawn?

If so, you don’t have to worry about marking the heads or trace the area in which the electric dog fence or cable lines lay.
Liquid Aeration contains fantastic soil amendments that improve both clay and sandy soils in the lawn while also generating beneficial soil microbes quickly.  Many minerals currently in the soil are bound up by competing matter and unable to benefit the roots of your grass plant.  This process will enable the rich organic matter to become available to your root system and aid in improving the overall growing cycle.  There is also a pH correcting additive that will help to reduce acidity in your soil.

The products react with the minerals in the soil to create organic acids that sink deeper in the soil and in their wake leave micro-fractures that open up pockets of air for nutrients to get caught in.  This is how the service will soften the soil without pulling actual plugs for your lawn and making a mess.  Those micro-fractures also allow water and air to get deeper into the soil, thus driving the roots to grow deeper through the fractures and creating an impressive root system.  The liquid application that would be applied to your lawn is perfectly safe as a part of it is used in medicines that treat the flu and other viral infections.  Please keep small children and pets off of the lawn for the recommended one to two hours for it to dry.