lawncare-innerOur Pre-Emergent Weed Control Program

Let’s face it, pulling weeds from your landscape beds is not only hard work, but it’s a very time-consuming process. The professionals at WeedPro® Lawn Care understand how to prevent hundreds of weeds using our proven Bed Pre-emergent program.

Understanding Pre-emergence

The first step in starting a successful weed control program begins with WeedPro® Lawn Care. Our professionally-trained staff will identify your weeds to determine how difficult they may be to eliminate. This requires knowledge of their life cycles, methods of reproduction, spread, and susceptibility to different control strategies. Since pre-emergence herbicides will not control emerged weeds, existing infestations should be treated with our Weed Eliminator or Organic Weed Control before the Pre-emergent Weed Control Program is applied.

Timing is a critical factor with all pre-emergent weed killer for lawn and landscape maintenance. Our two-step process is designed to stop the weeds before they start! We apply pre-emergent herbicide treatments throughout the year, treating once in early spring before seed germination, and once in late summer or early fall. This process creates a strong barrier when combined with scheduled Pine Straw Mulch or Hard Wood Mulch upgrades to reduce sunlight to soil contact. Seedlings gradually die before they ever break the soil surface, reducing the total seedling germination quantities.

Meet the Enemy!

bed_1Summer Annuals

These weeds germinate in the spring (about when the dogwoods bloom) and continue throughout the summer months. They flower and produce seeds before the first frost. Common summer annual weeds include grasses such as crabgrass and goosegrass, as well as broadleaves such as annual lespedeza, pigweed, and spurge.

Winter Annuals

These weeds germinate in late summer and early fall. Over winter they become small dormant; green plants then flower and produce seeds in spring or summer. Winter annual weeds usually die off with the onset of warm weather. Common winter annual weeds include annual bluegrass, common chickweed, hairy bittercress, and henbit.

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