1. Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawnmower Buzzing for Years

    So much lip service is spent on how to maintain your car—but isn’t your lawnmower just a simpler version of a car? A well-tended to lawnmower, if it had an odometer, could testify to hundreds of thousands of miles. Follow these easy tips to keep your lawnmower running for years to come. Clean it…Read More

  2. Knowing the Enemy: Weed Identification 101

    Spring is coming and soon the flowers will be blooming. Unfortunately this will be true for the weeds as well. It’s time to sit down and understand the enemy and come up with some strategies for combat this year! Infamous Dandelion While it may seem pretty to the inexperienced gardener, this nasty…Read More

  3. Feeding Your Lawn

    One of the primary concerns for most homeowners is the condition of their yard.  The lawn in the front and back yards of a home or property are important to homeowners because a well-kept yard looks far more attractive than one that is dead and dying or rarely maintained. But caring for the lawn of…Read More

  4. Why Aerate Your Lawn?

    As an elementary school kid, we loved it when aeration time came to our school yard.  The boys would pick up the pieces and chase girls around telling them it was poop.  The girls would try to poke the little dirt cylinders back in or outline patterns in the grass with them.  Only the soccer play…Read More

  5. How to Deal with Standing Water on Your Lawn

    There are two extremes when it comes to lawns. It can be under-watered dead grass or it can be over-watered swamp grass. One of those problems is easily solvable: water your grass. But the other is not as simple. You cannot just simply stop watering your grass and expect it to survive. You have to f…Read More

  6. Weed Killer: What You May have Overlooked

    Beyond the environmental circles where the ongoing debate revolves around the safety concerns of using weed killer, few lay homeowners and weekend gardeners face weed killer with little more than a respectable neglect, let alone an informed understanding of its properties, warnings, and expert use. …Read More

  7. Precision Weed Whacking

    When it comes to cutting down tall grass in difficult areas, there is nothing quite like the weed whacker. Because of its light weight and ability to reach difficult angles, no gardener should be without it. While weed whacking is pretty self-explanatory, it is also an art when you get down into the…Read More

  8. Starting a reluctant weed whacker

    The spring is next season and in a few months, you will be ready to get out your lawnmower and weed whacker and get ready to start taking care of your yard once again. When engines sit for a long period of time, they can become very difficult to start, especially after a long, hard, cold winter. Bel…Read More

  9. Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Lawn a Buzz

    A lot of home owners don’t really know how to properly take care of their lawn.  It’s not like lawns come with manuals and schools typically don’t provide classes in lawn care.  One of the most common mistakes people make when taking care of their lawn is mowing it too short. A Living Thing …Read More