1. Flowers to Brighten Your Garden During the Georgia Winter

    Here in Georgia, we're fortunate to have mild winters that keep our lawns and gardens looking better through the winter months that many other places. The warmer climate is just one of the many reasons we love living here. However, our weather still undergoes some changes in the fall that may leave …Read More

  2. Will Snow Damage my Lawn and Garden?

    Before winter comes, every homeowner wants to protect their lawn and garden from freezing. Here are a few tips to ensure that your grass and plants will stay as healthy as possible. How to Protect your Lawn Snow may be covering your lawn, but that doesn’t mean it’s damaging it. What really dama…Read More

  3. Preparing your Garden for the Winter

    For those of us who have dedicated our time and efforts into making our lawns and gardens look healthy and presentable during the summer months, we can often begin to feel the chilly sense of foreboding as winter creeps closer and closer.  Because as beautiful as our collections of plants and flowe…Read More

  4. When to Plant Grass

    Grass is a wonderful thing that we all like to have in our yards.  Kids can romp around in it shoeless, teens can play all sorts of sports and games on it, and whole families can enjoy picnics and parties.  But none of that is much fun to do on dry, weedy, ugly grass.  If you want to plant new gr…Read More

  5. Gardening Magazines

    Mr. Weedy says: Buy an issue of your favorite gardening magazine to receive exciting new seed plant varieties and upcoming announcements of new hybrid bulb and plant varieties. Simply e-mail or call the numbers provided to receive a hard copy catalogs or place your orders on-line for special deals a…Read More

  6. Preventing Plant Death

    Mr. Weedy says: When local Atlanta Georgia temperatures drop below 20 degrees after a week-long warm spell, be sure to cover all gardenias and camellias nightly with plastic anchored to the ground on all sides to prevent winter damage and plant death. These inconvenient but very important procedures…Read More