1. Winter Damage to Evergreens Shrubs

    Although winter injury does not occur as regularly in Georgia as in colder parts of the country, we do see a fair amount of cold damage to plants, especially young, succulent tissues or newly transplanted plants. Both narrow- and broad-leafed evergreens, such as pines, junipers, Leyland cypress, arb…Read More

  2. Rock Salt Tips

    Mr. Weedy says:  For an alternative to using salt on icy marietta lawn care sidewalks, use calcium chloride or potassium chloride. These products can usually be found in your organic lawn care georgia supply store in is good to keep on hand in case you need it. Traditional rock salt containing …Read More

  3. Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

    Mr. Weedy Says: Make sure to clear your lawn of any debris like logs, toys, gardening equipment, etc. Once it snows, these objects can smother and kill your grass, damage your turf, and leave your lawn more vulnerable to diseases.…Read More