1. Weed Killer: What You May have Overlooked

    Beyond the environmental circles where the ongoing debate revolves around the safety concerns of using weed killer, few lay homeowners and weekend gardeners face weed killer with little more than a respectable neglect, let alone an informed understanding of its properties, warnings, and expert use. …Read More

  2. Avoiding Weed Frustration

    Mr. Weedy says: Using a pre-emergent controller trying to kill already surfaced weeds or post-emergent controller for weeds that have not surfaced will lead to discouragement and wasted time. We recommend using a true organic weed killer.  These are made from natural sources without the use of …Read More

  3. Weed Control Georgia

    How many times have you put down weed killer just to see a bunch of weeds popping up soon after? Or the weeds you wanted to kill stay alive? This is not uncommon, but not because nothing can be done about it, it just has to be done properly. Weeds can grow year round in all types of weathers. This c…Read More