1. Naturally Shooing Away Unwanted Visitors

    If you find that your lawn has become the neighborhood hangout for dogs, there are some natural solutions that may benefit you.  It can be difficult and awkward to approach dog owners and sometimes dog owners may not necessarily care that their dog is on your lawn.  No matter what your situation i…Read More

  2. Keeping an Eye out for Insects

    Insects are one of the biggest problems that face our lawns every summer. These pests can do a great deal of damage to your lawn by attacking the grass and trees and by interrupting healthy cycles of growth. If you have insect problems, it is a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible! Not o…Read More

  3. Lace Bugs

    Lace bugs are important pests of many ornamental trees and shrubs. They attack a broad range of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs and often go undetected until the infested plants show severe damage. Azalea lace bug  both adults and nymphs have piercing-sucking mouthparts and remove sap …Read More

  4. Congratulations 2012 Best Pick!

    To our valued and appreciated employees, this post is for you. I would like to personally thank you for your dedication and hard work with achieving this years 2012 Best Pick Award!   Your continuing personal dedication, commitment and personal achievement goals are the reason for our success!  …Read More

  5. Corn, beans, and peas

    Mr. Weedy says: Try planting corn seeds, beans seeds, and peas now for best results! Use a soaker hose purchased at any lawn and garden supply store to water the vegetables in rows. This process will help prevent weeds and will dramatically save water in the process. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care direc…Read More

  6. Insect removal tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you've had problems with lace bug activity in the past on your azalea plants, try spraying insecticidal soap to help remove the insects. You may have to repeat several applications throughout the year to achieve the desired results. You can visit Weed Pro lawn care's education lin…Read More

  7. Landscaping Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: A great time to divide and separate overgrown hosta’s is when you can see the leaves unfurling above ground. Use a shovel to remove unwanted areas and relocate to a different location. Repeat this process yearly for a lush full landscape area. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directl…Read More

  8. Portable Greenhouse Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you have a portable greenhouse or a warm area or sunny spot indoors start thinking about planting tomato seeds for early germination. The seeds can be purchased at any lawn and landscape store and generally need 6 to 8 weeks to grow strong transplant roots. Great ideas for creatin…Read More

  9. Holly Shrub Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you have large overgrown giant holly shrubs in your landscape, now's a great time to heavily prune the plant to a manageable size. If you decide to take on this project yourself, use a sturdy ladder with a friend or family member to assist you. The trees can be cut 8 to 10 inches …Read More