1. Tips to Finding a Herbicide That Won’t Hurt Your Dog

    As a dog lover, there’s no way you would do anything to intentionally harm your dog. But if you’re using chemical herbicides on your lawn or garden, then you might be doing just that. Many herbicides might be effective at poisoning weeds, but your dog’s natural urge to go sniffing around all o…Read More

  2. 4 Keys for Successful Plant Transplants

    As spring rolls around, you may find yourself in the nearest nursery looking for some beautiful new plants for your yard.  But too many novice planters misunderstand the delicate nature of transplanting, and find their new purchases shriveling away in the summer sun. Don’t let this happen to you!…Read More

  3. Preparing your Garden for the Winter

    For those of us who have dedicated our time and efforts into making our lawns and gardens look healthy and presentable during the summer months, we can often begin to feel the chilly sense of foreboding as winter creeps closer and closer.  Because as beautiful as our collections of plants and flowe…Read More

  4. How to Determine what to Plant in Your Area

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can plant whatever you want where you are at. There are some crucial things to think about before you go planting anything will nilly. Soil This is everything when you are getting started. Some people find that they have rocky soil, others have claylike soil,…Read More

  5. 2 Plants that Struggle in Humidity

    More often than not, gardeners are more worried about getting enough water to their plants than they are about over watering. The scorching sun tends to zap them of moisture, and hence you need a lot of moisture to replace the evaporating nutrients. Hence, humidity seems to be a good ally for this r…Read More

  6. Choosing the Best Flowers For Planting

    Many people in the United States are avid gardeners. If you haven’t planted a garden before, you can start anytime. Planting a garden is not difficult. You can either plant a vegetable or a flower garden, or both. Planting a flower garden is definitely easy, but there are things you can do in orde…Read More

  7. Pesticides to Avoid with Pets

    Pesticides are wonderful to ensure your garden grows to full maturity. They do a great job of repelling the bugs and other creatures that would try to feed off of your precious produce. That said, some of those creatures are often your pets. Pesticides have a long list of negative side-effects that …Read More

  8. How to Prevent the Growth of Weeds

    If you are a garden enthusiast, you probably scowl when you hear the word “weed.” Weeds are pesky pests who make the gardening experience rather tedious. The reason why most gardeners do not like weeds is because they are usually not very aesthetically pleasing. They also choke the life out of t…Read More

  9. Weed Pro – July Gardening Calendar

    -Be sure to uncover any irrigation heads in your landscape that are covered with pine-straw mulch, this will prevent damage to your heads and insure proper water coverage to your plants. -Check for water leaks or wet areas in the turf and landscape beds. Also, keep lawns at about 2 or 3”, to p…Read More