1. How to Determine what to Plant in Your Area

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can plant whatever you want where you are at. There are some crucial things to think about before you go planting anything will nilly. Soil This is everything when you are getting started. Some people find that they have rocky soil, others have claylike soil,…Read More

  2. Prepping for Mums’ Planting Season

    Mums offer a beautiful poof of color in the fall. They can come in all kinds of colors. Wherever you plant a tuft of them, they form into a mound, like a grassy hill in the middle of the yard. Plant different colored tufts of them together and you get a landscape very similar to the homes of the hob…Read More

  3. What to Plant in Georgia in September

    The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, released a helpful document to help you determine what you can plant in every month of the year.*This document’s purpose was to prove that it’s never too late to plant something in your yard. What you plant and how yo…Read More

  4. 2 Plants that Struggle in Humidity

    More often than not, gardeners are more worried about getting enough water to their plants than they are about over watering. The scorching sun tends to zap them of moisture, and hence you need a lot of moisture to replace the evaporating nutrients. Hence, humidity seems to be a good ally for this r…Read More

  5. Choosing the Best Flowers For Planting

    Many people in the United States are avid gardeners. If you haven’t planted a garden before, you can start anytime. Planting a garden is not difficult. You can either plant a vegetable or a flower garden, or both. Planting a flower garden is definitely easy, but there are things you can do in orde…Read More