1. Fungicide Spraying Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you have access to an extra spray can or backpack sprayer that hasn't been used with an herbicide product, now’s a great time to spray a broad spectrum fungicide product on your Apple and Peach trees while the trees are in bloom. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help …Read More

  2. When to Prune Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Winter honeysuckle, quince and forsythia can be pruned to a smaller size after flowering has completed. Heavy planning is not recommended at this time. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects. Additional reference sources include lawn service atlanta…Read More

  3. Lawn Care Tips Of The Day!

    Now’s a great time to rake out fallen leaves and replace the Mulch under your crabapples and dogwoods to prevent disease next year. Should I Use Pinestraw? Also, Don’t forget about the birds this season! Please fill bird feeders with black oil sunflower seeds or Wild-bird mix for at any …Read More

  4. Weed Pro – July Gardening Calendar

    -Be sure to uncover any irrigation heads in your landscape that are covered with pine-straw mulch, this will prevent damage to your heads and insure proper water coverage to your plants. -Check for water leaks or wet areas in the turf and landscape beds. Also, keep lawns at about 2 or 3”, to p…Read More