1. 4 Amazing Plants That Are Natural Bug Repellants

    Nobody likes putting up with bugs, but you don’t want to start spraying pesticides everywhere, either. If you’re looking for an organic way to rid your home and garden of annoying bugs and insects, these 6 plants can help repel pests and make your house and garden more beautiful in the process. …Read More

  2. How to Deal With Pests the Organic Way

    When it comes to a pest infestation, there’s no one, cure-all way to take care of the problem. Most organic gardeners arrive at their methods through a great deal of trial and error, and what works for one bug won’t work for a different species. Keeping that in mind, there’s no better way to d…Read More

  3. Protecting your home: Garden Pests

    If you are like me, then you hate finding any critters in your yard or garden. Whether it is the mischievous raccoon or just some unwanted bugs, trying to keep your garden nice can be such a hassle. Below are some of the things that you should watch out for when trying to keep your garden at tip-top…Read More

  4. Ridding Yourself of the Millipede Menace

    Millipedes are one of nature’s ingenious tools to recycle decaying matter. They love to feed on rotting wood, leaves, and other decaying plant matter. They sit comfortably alongside mold and other bugs as they way nature cleans up its messes. From a biological standpoint, they’re the unspoken he…Read More

  5. Caring for an Indoor Plant in Georgia

    First, make sure that the plant you want to grow in your home can survive in the house environment. Natural Georgia plants are used to the high levels of humidity easily available outside. Throughout the summertime, a swamp cooler/AC unit will often dry out the air, decreasing the plant’s access t…Read More

  6. Pesticides to Avoid with Pets

    Pesticides are wonderful to ensure your garden grows to full maturity. They do a great job of repelling the bugs and other creatures that would try to feed off of your precious produce. That said, some of those creatures are often your pets. Pesticides have a long list of negative side-effects that …Read More