1. Tree planting tips

    Mr. Weedy says: if you planted new landscape trees on your property recently, be sure to remove any stakes or gray wires from the tree basis. Any wires left unattended for several months after the plant has been established will start to grow into the bark of the tree itself causing permanent damage…Read More

  2. Landscaper’s tips and tricks

    Mr. Weedy says: Would you like a landscaper’s secret in Atlanta, Georgia? Call your local extension service office today for a free booklet available on “Flowering Annuals for Georgia Gardens”. The number to call is Call 1-800-ASKUGA-1 to get local office phone numbers. Contact Wee…Read More

  3. Weed Controller Application Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: You must remember that more does not always mean better. Applying double the suggested amount of weed controller can cause serious damage to your lawn, including killing your grass. Waiting about 60 days and reapplying more weed control can help get rid of any remaining weeds, and wo…Read More