1. Okra and Squash Gardening

    Mr. Weedy says: If you have a vegetable garden at your home and grow okra or squash, remember to regularly harvest the plant. Just one fully ripe fruit halts blooming and stops future growth of the entire vegetable plant. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects. Add…Read More

  2. Seed Collecting tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Collecting seeds from your plant varieties within your garden can be fun and challenging if done correctly. Try collecting the seeds from foxglove stalks if it is your privilege to have them in your garden. Scratch the soil around the plant, scatter the seed with your hand and cover …Read More

  3. Insect Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Check and examine the backside of euonymus and camellia leaves for scale insects. You should not have a problem seeing these insects due to leaf curling and loss of leaf color. These insects are very damaging and should be sprayed immediately with horticultural oil. Thoroughly spray …Read More