1. Okra and Squash Gardening

    Mr. Weedy says: If you have a vegetable garden at your home and grow okra or squash, remember to regularly harvest the plant. Just one fully ripe fruit halts blooming and stops future growth of the entire vegetable plant. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects. Add…Read More

  2. Cheap watering tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Want to save some money? You’ve seen the advertisements on TV using a fancy device to water your plants. If you have extra two liter soft drink bottles laying around, drill a one eighth inch hole in the cap. Fill with water and up-end it in the soil of your plants. It’s F…Read More

  3. Tree Planting Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you planted new trees and shrubs in your landscape last year, remember to remove any gray wires stakes and especially truck wraps from small trees planted. This is especially important for tree trunks, because as they grow and mature, these wires can prohibit proper tree growth. W…Read More