1. Home Pest Treatments In Georgia

    Atlanta Georgia this month, language is being added to labels of synthetic pyrethroid non-agricultural outdoor products that will greatly impact virtually all perimeter treatments and preconstruction termiticide applications. Aimed at mitigatingĀ  runoff and protecting both water quality and aquatic…Read More

  2. Adding color to your landscape

    Mr. Weedy says: What to add great color to your landscape to draw attention to your house or impress that special someone? Try planting vinca, coleus and geraniums for long lasting summer color. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects. Additional reference sources i…Read More

  3. Lawn Design Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: To speed up or reduce your lawn care mowing in the yard, re-design and remove sharp angles and narrow areas to eliminate difficult mowing turns. Map out new areas using pine straw or colored mulch to extend these difficult areas for a more rounded and time reducing approach. Remember…Read More