1. Shade Tree Management

    Mr. Weedy says: it's always a good idea to examine your shade tree plants and shrubs to look for any limbs that are leafless and brittle. If you notice a leafless stem simply take your hand shears and prune away any dead growth from the tree stock itself. Chances are the stem has already died and wi…Read More

  2. Moving indoor plants outside

    Mr. Weedy says: Don't be in a hurry to move your indoor plants outside. Introduce the plants gradually to the suns powerful rays and never place them directly in full sunshine. To be safe, filtered sun or shade is always best. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects…Read More

  3. Proper Disposal of Pesticides

    1. First, do not dispose of these pesticides in an illegal or unsafe way. Do not pour them into storm drains and other drains, put them into trash cans, or use other similar disposal methods. These disposal systems do not have the ability to degrade these pesticides properly and the pesticide can qu…Read More