1. Avoiding Weed Frustration

    Mr. Weedy says: Using a pre-emergent controller trying to kill already surfaced weeds or post-emergent controller for weeds that have not surfaced will lead to discouragement and wasted time. We recommend using a true organic weed killer.  These are made from natural sources without the use of …Read More

  2. Additional Info Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: You would be surprised what great information can be found at your local extension office in Atlanta Georgia. Beneficial information regarding pruning fruit producing Apple trees, pear trees, and grape vines in Georgia. The information is free and very helpful.  You can also sto…Read More

  3. Poisonous Plant Avoidance Tips

    Mr. Weedy says:  It's best to wear long pants and long shirts when working in natural areas in your landscape. Always be on the Lookout for poison ivy or poison sumac when working outdoors. These dangerous plants can cause a skin reaction even if the vine and branches are leafless. Contact Weed…Read More

  4. Gardening Magazines

    Mr. Weedy says: Buy an issue of your favorite gardening magazine to receive exciting new seed plant varieties and upcoming announcements of new hybrid bulb and plant varieties. Simply e-mail or call the numbers provided to receive a hard copy catalogs or place your orders on-line for special deals a…Read More

  5. Rock Salt Tips

    Mr. Weedy says:  For an alternative to using salt on icy marietta lawn care sidewalks, use calcium chloride or potassium chloride. These products can usually be found in your organic lawn care georgia supply store in is good to keep on hand in case you need it. Traditional rock salt containing …Read More

  6. Lawn Care Tips

    Be sure to blow and rake fallen leaves daily from newly seeded fescue lawns. Remove as many acorns and other fallen items from the lawn. Add a nice touch to your dining room table by adding a sasanqua camellia. Cut several blooms and use as a centerpiece for a nice dinner. Our Tree and Shrub program…Read More

  7. Pesticide Tips

    Keep all pesticides in a locked cabinet. This will help prevent freezing during the winter. Also, make sure the product is labeled and not damaged. What Are Herbicides???…Read More

  8. This Weeks Lawn Tips

    Here are this weeks Georgia lawn tips. -The viola & pansy planting season starts now! Plant “six-pack” pansies eight inches apart, larger plants can be spaced ten inches apart. Viola’s are becoming a landscaper best pick in GA -Remove or cut back brown flower stems on purple Co…Read More

  9. Weed Pro – Preemergence Herbicides After A Flood?

    Central and Northern Georgia received substantial levels of rainfall from September 17 to 22, 2009.  Parts of Northeast Atlanta received over 13 inches of rainfall while areas such as Canton, Marietta, and Kennesaw received 18 to 20 inches.  Many homeowners are faced with tremendous flood …Read More