1. When to Plant Grass

    Grass is a wonderful thing that we all like to have in our yards.  Kids can romp around in it shoeless, teens can play all sorts of sports and games on it, and whole families can enjoy picnics and parties.  But none of that is much fun to do on dry, weedy, ugly grass.  If you want to plant new gr…Read More

  2. Mulching your Yard vs Bagging it

    If you are the one responsible for mowing your lawn, then you have doubtlessly run into the issue of whether you are going to mulch or bag. Most lawn mowers come with these two settings in order to give people the choice of what they would prefer to do. Both of these setting have their advantages an…Read More

  3. Successfully Planting and Growing Grass

    Do you have the right soil? Having a great lawn requires soil that can support a great lawn. The soil is important in ensuring that the grass that is growing is going to get the proper nutrients and be protected from many different harmful elements that may enter through the root system. Lawn care …Read More

  4. Congratulations 2012 Best Pick!

    To our valued and appreciated employees, this post is for you. I would like to personally thank you for your dedication and hard work with achieving this years 2012 Best Pick Award!   Your continuing personal dedication, commitment and personal achievement goals are the reason for our success!  …Read More

  5. Weed Pro Lawn Care, Ten Steps to a Healthier Home Lawn

    Weed Pro Lawn Care Ten Steps to a Healthier Home Lawn. The key to disease control is a healthy plant treated by Weed Pro Lawn Care! Under proper turfgrass lawn care management, disease-causing conditions are often reduced and healthy turf is maintained. The following management practices will help a…Read More

  6. Mistletoe may help sweethearts, but it hurts host trees

    Sweethearts may love mistletoe, but trees don't. It's actually a parasite that uses the tree as a host. If you see green leaves in Atlanta lawn care areas on top of deciduous trees, it might be mistletoe. Mistletoe is an evergreen, parasitic plant found on a wide host of trees, including alder, birc…Read More

  7. Azalea Lace Bugs

    Mr. Weedy says: It's very easy to spot and identify azalea lace bugs on your azalea shrubs. If you are noticing yellowing or off coloring of the plant leaves, turnover a leaf to examine the underside of the plant and you'll find tiny black dots. Visit Weed Pro lawn care’s education tab for det…Read More

  8. Vegetable Garden Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Try something different and unique this year, try using four pieces of two by eight wood planks bolting each side together to create a raised vegetable gardening bed. Roses and herbs especially benefit from this process and you'll notice a difference in plant growth and blooms. Don't…Read More

  9. *Mr. Weedy says: Remember to fertilize your Christmas cactus, Water poinsettia and Amaryllis plants with a houseplant fertilizer. Using the fertilizer diluted to a half strength level is ideal during this time of year. Take caution not to over fertilize the plants. Additional reference sources inclu…Read More