1. Wind Chime Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: On a semi-windy day try noticing the tree movement in your yard. Garden chimes can add a beautiful sound along with a very relaxing mood setting atmosphere to any garden or outdoor experience. Just remember the smaller the chimes the higher the sound will be the larger the chimes the…Read More

  2. House Plants Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Now's the time to start watering and feeding your house plants more frequently. Our sun is setting and rising in a new direction which means alternative locations for your pots may be needed inside the house. Water the houseplants more frequently with the onset of more hours of sunsh…Read More

  3. Tree Care Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Be sure to remove wire wrapping from all newly planted fall trees. Tree ties and metal wiring will eventually grow into the tree trunk itself causing permanent damage. Monitor your trees ability to sustain itself on a regular basis. Remember, trees that move with the wind grow strong…Read More

  4. Vegetable Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Do you want to have great home-grown vegetables this season? As the soil warms up it's a great time to plant peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes in your garden. Start your preparations now for the best results for crop producing excellence! Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help w…Read More

  5. Azalea Flower Pruning

    Mr. Weedy says: If you received florist’s azaleas this year as a gift from a family member or friend. Remove all weathered flowers to prolong the plants blooming abilities and plant reproduction. This will stimulate in activate flower reproduction. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help …Read More

  6. Insect removal tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you've had problems with lace bug activity in the past on your azalea plants, try spraying insecticidal soap to help remove the insects. You may have to repeat several applications throughout the year to achieve the desired results. You can visit Weed Pro lawn care's education lin…Read More

  7. Lime application for your lawn

    Mr. Weedy says: Prior to contrary belief, it's never the wrong time to apply an application of lime to your lawn. Always perform a soil test before any applications are made using 40 pounds per lime per 1000 ft. is a general rule of thumb. Basic soil test kits can be purchased at any lawn and garden…Read More

  8. Boston Fern Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: If you're a fan of Boston ferns and have extra planning baskets or patio hanger pots, try dividing any over-wintered baskets into four sections to create new displays. Plant each hanging basket into sections of two for best results Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with yo…Read More

  9. Insect control on Euonymus and Holly Shrubs

    Mr. Weedy says: Euonymus and holly shrubs or notorious for attracting scale insects. Examine the underside of the leaf paying close attention to signs of a white crust surface to indicate insect activity. Thoroughly treat the upper and lower sides of each leaf if possible along with treating the sto…Read More