1. Getting Ready to Seed Your Lawn

    As fall rolls around, you should schedule some time to provide your lawn with a little extra attention. Planting tall fescue during the fall season can provide you with a lush and green colored lawn throughout the fall, winter and spring in Georgia. Planting tall fescue during the months of Septembe…Read More

  2. Sod Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Warm season grasses like Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass sod can be successfully installed in bare spots during this time of year. Make sure to loosen the soil before putting the sod in place. Be sure to water enough to keep the upper half-inch of soil moist but not soggy. Contact Wee…Read More

  3. Lawn Mower Maintenance

    Mr. Weedy says: Keeping your mower blades sharp is more important than ever at this time. If you experience mowing difficulties or multiple passes are needed while cutting, try sharpening the blades for optimal results. Keeping your mower height consistent also is very important this time and you ca…Read More

  4. Flower Design Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Now's the time to check your local lawn and landscape store for great deals on Plant pansies and English daisies. Use the plants in 3 to 4 inch large pot containers to create a colorful impact in your landscape. Be sure to locate the plants in a sunny area for best results. Contact W…Read More