1. 2 Plants that Struggle in Humidity

    More often than not, gardeners are more worried about getting enough water to their plants than they are about over watering. The scorching sun tends to zap them of moisture, and hence you need a lot of moisture to replace the evaporating nutrients. Hence, humidity seems to be a good ally for this r…Read More

  2. Increasing Humidity for Indoor Plants

    Just because it’s hot and humid outside, doesn’t mean that it has to be that miserable inside. Air conditioning can go a lot way for cooling down and drying out your home while the heat blazes on outdoors. The decrease in humidity can seriously hurt the potential of any indoor plants you may hav…Read More

  3. Caring for an Indoor Plant in Georgia

    First, make sure that the plant you want to grow in your home can survive in the house environment. Natural Georgia plants are used to the high levels of humidity easily available outside. Throughout the summertime, a swamp cooler/AC unit will often dry out the air, decreasing the plant’s access t…Read More