1. Ditch the Mower with these Alternate Lawn Options

    Lawns are nice.  Beautiful, soft, and friendly, they look great in front of a house.  But the effort that goes into the upkeep simply isn’t worth it to some people. If you are sick of watering, fertilizing, mowing, and weeding your lawn, consider these alternate lawn options for a nice, yet stre…Read More

  2. Basic Soil Components

    It is easy to look at the earth in our front yards and think that it is all the same, just dirt.  This is correct to a degree, but when it comes down to it, there are many different types of soil, and knowing what kind you have can help you to improve your garden and produce the best fruits.  Ther…Read More

  3. Weed Pro – Ground Bee

    We’re all familiar with honeybees that live in colonies but ground bees prefer the solitary life. They nest in burrows in the ground. Look for a mound of soil standing two inches high, with a quarter-inch hole in the center. Each ground bee female digs her own individual burrow to rear young. …Read More