1. Lawn Care Tips

    Be sure to blow and rake fallen leaves daily from newly seeded fescue lawns. Remove as many acorns and other fallen items from the lawn. Add a nice touch to your dining room table by adding a sasanqua camellia. Cut several blooms and use as a centerpiece for a nice dinner. Our Tree and Shrub program…Read More

  2. Lawn Care Tips of the Day

    Prune all chrysanthemum and aster flowers back as they fade out. Prune to a five to six inch height Keep raking out dead leaves under roses and crabapples trees. This will prevent disease on next year leaves. Also, after the fall season replace hardwood mulch under trees with new mulch. Receive 50% …Read More

  3. This Weeks Lawn Tips

    Here are this weeks Georgia lawn tips. -The viola & pansy planting season starts now! Plant “six-pack” pansies eight inches apart, larger plants can be spaced ten inches apart. Viola’s are becoming a landscaper best pick in GA -Remove or cut back brown flower stems on purple Co…Read More

  4. Weed Control Georgia

    How many times have you put down weed killer just to see a bunch of weeds popping up soon after? Or the weeds you wanted to kill stay alive? This is not uncommon, but not because nothing can be done about it, it just has to be done properly. Weeds can grow year round in all types of weathers. This c…Read More