1. Preparing your Garden for the Winter

    For those of us who have dedicated our time and efforts into making our lawns and gardens look healthy and presentable during the summer months, we can often begin to feel the chilly sense of foreboding as winter creeps closer and closer.  Because as beautiful as our collections of plants and flowe…Read More

  2. How to Determine what to Plant in Your Area

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can plant whatever you want where you are at. There are some crucial things to think about before you go planting anything will nilly. Soil This is everything when you are getting started. Some people find that they have rocky soil, others have claylike soil,…Read More

  3. Basic Soil Components

    It is easy to look at the earth in our front yards and think that it is all the same, just dirt.  This is correct to a degree, but when it comes down to it, there are many different types of soil, and knowing what kind you have can help you to improve your garden and produce the best fruits.  Ther…Read More

  4. Tools for Managing your Garden

    There are some standard tools that every gardener should have in his or her arsenal in order to take on a variety of projects in the yard. Having some of these tools can save you the major headache of asking the neighbors for one and then forgetting to return it. Even if you are just starting out an…Read More

  5. Drought effecting your Lawn

    Yes, we often think of Drought only affecting large farms or countries as a whole but what about the lawns and small gardens out there? These are often the first to go in a disaster and take special maintenance and attention to keep up on. Right now it is a good idea to bring up one of the most perv…Read More

  6. What to Plant in Georgia in September

    The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, released a helpful document to help you determine what you can plant in every month of the year.*This document’s purpose was to prove that it’s never too late to plant something in your yard. What you plant and how yo…Read More

  7. Handling Pesticide Poisoning

    Pesticides are amazing tools when growing fruits and vegetables. They keep away the pests while allowing your plants to grow to maturity without interruptions. When applied properly, you can keep a large majority of your mature harvest because pests simply can’t reach the site of growth. Each pest…Read More

  8. Choosing the Best Flowers For Planting

    Many people in the United States are avid gardeners. If you haven’t planted a garden before, you can start anytime. Planting a garden is not difficult. You can either plant a vegetable or a flower garden, or both. Planting a flower garden is definitely easy, but there are things you can do in orde…Read More

  9. How to Weed Your Vegetable Garden

    If you currently have a vegetable garden in your yard, you are probably very proud of it. You have more than likely spent hours and hours planting, weeding, watering, and cultivating your precious garden. `You feel like you have poured your very heart and soul into your garden. You will do anything …Read More