1. Flowers to Brighten Your Garden During the Georgia Winter

    Here in Georgia, we're fortunate to have mild winters that keep our lawns and gardens looking better through the winter months that many other places. The warmer climate is just one of the many reasons we love living here. However, our weather still undergoes some changes in the fall that may leave …Read More

  2. Earthworms: Your Natural Gardening Assistants

    In the world of gardening, there are a variety of environmental factors you need to be aware of; many of them are to your advantage, while others can make your harvests more difficult.  Insects and other invertebrates can be extremely detrimental to your plants, but the earthworm is an important pa…Read More

  3. Value of Organic Fertilizers

    To understand the value of organic fertilizers, you need to understand that the ideal soil makeup is rich in micro-organisms and nutrients. It’s a mini-ecosystem, with plenty of beneficial bacteria and insects. When you use a synthetic chemical fertilizer, you may be giving your grass or vegetable…Read More

  4. Tips to Finding a Herbicide That Won’t Hurt Your Dog

    As a dog lover, there’s no way you would do anything to intentionally harm your dog. But if you’re using chemical herbicides on your lawn or garden, then you might be doing just that. Many herbicides might be effective at poisoning weeds, but your dog’s natural urge to go sniffing around all o…Read More

  5. 4 Keys for Successful Plant Transplants

    As spring rolls around, you may find yourself in the nearest nursery looking for some beautiful new plants for your yard.  But too many novice planters misunderstand the delicate nature of transplanting, and find their new purchases shriveling away in the summer sun. Don’t let this happen to you!…Read More

  6. Knowing the Enemy: Weed Identification 101

    Spring is coming and soon the flowers will be blooming. Unfortunately this will be true for the weeds as well. It’s time to sit down and understand the enemy and come up with some strategies for combat this year! Infamous Dandelion While it may seem pretty to the inexperienced gardener, this nasty…Read More

  7. Garden tips 101: keeping the cat out of the garden

    You may love your cat 99% of the time but when your cat keeps getting into your garden, it can be difficult keeping your cool. Cats, although harmless in nature, are too curious for their own good. They can often leave your garden filled with what you don’t want. Below are some of the tips of the …Read More

  8. Protecting your home: Garden Pests

    If you are like me, then you hate finding any critters in your yard or garden. Whether it is the mischievous raccoon or just some unwanted bugs, trying to keep your garden nice can be such a hassle. Below are some of the things that you should watch out for when trying to keep your garden at tip-top…Read More

  9. Keeping Dog Poop Out of Your Garden

    It’s always a little unsettling to eat veggies that have been grown around dog poo.  Even though, rationally speaking, you know that you’ve thoroughly washed your home-grown vegetables, there is something about the influence of poop that cannot be erased mentally.  Here are a few handy tips to…Read More