1. Value of Organic Fertilizers

    To understand the value of organic fertilizers, you need to understand that the ideal soil makeup is rich in micro-organisms and nutrients. It’s a mini-ecosystem, with plenty of beneficial bacteria and insects. When you use a synthetic chemical fertilizer, you may be giving your grass or vegetable…Read More

  2. 4 Keys for Successful Plant Transplants

    As spring rolls around, you may find yourself in the nearest nursery looking for some beautiful new plants for your yard.  But too many novice planters misunderstand the delicate nature of transplanting, and find their new purchases shriveling away in the summer sun. Don’t let this happen to you!…Read More

  3. Weed Killer: What You May have Overlooked

    Beyond the environmental circles where the ongoing debate revolves around the safety concerns of using weed killer, few lay homeowners and weekend gardeners face weed killer with little more than a respectable neglect, let alone an informed understanding of its properties, warnings, and expert use. …Read More

  4. Garden tips 101: keeping the cat out of the garden

    You may love your cat 99% of the time but when your cat keeps getting into your garden, it can be difficult keeping your cool. Cats, although harmless in nature, are too curious for their own good. They can often leave your garden filled with what you don’t want. Below are some of the tips of the …Read More

  5. Keeping Dog Poop Out of Your Garden

    It’s always a little unsettling to eat veggies that have been grown around dog poo.  Even though, rationally speaking, you know that you’ve thoroughly washed your home-grown vegetables, there is something about the influence of poop that cannot be erased mentally.  Here are a few handy tips to…Read More

  6. Preparing your Garden for the Winter

    For those of us who have dedicated our time and efforts into making our lawns and gardens look healthy and presentable during the summer months, we can often begin to feel the chilly sense of foreboding as winter creeps closer and closer.  Because as beautiful as our collections of plants and flowe…Read More

  7. Tools for Managing your Garden

    There are some standard tools that every gardener should have in his or her arsenal in order to take on a variety of projects in the yard. Having some of these tools can save you the major headache of asking the neighbors for one and then forgetting to return it. Even if you are just starting out an…Read More

  8. Drought effecting your Lawn

    Yes, we often think of Drought only affecting large farms or countries as a whole but what about the lawns and small gardens out there? These are often the first to go in a disaster and take special maintenance and attention to keep up on. Right now it is a good idea to bring up one of the most perv…Read More

  9. Ridding Yourself of the Millipede Menace

    Millipedes are one of nature’s ingenious tools to recycle decaying matter. They love to feed on rotting wood, leaves, and other decaying plant matter. They sit comfortably alongside mold and other bugs as they way nature cleans up its messes. From a biological standpoint, they’re the unspoken he…Read More