1. Weed Pro – July Gardening Calendar

    -Be sure to uncover any irrigation heads in your landscape that are covered with pine-straw mulch, this will prevent damage to your heads and insure proper water coverage to your plants. -Check for water leaks or wet areas in the turf and landscape beds. Also, keep lawns at about 2 or 3”, to p…Read More

  2. Weed Pro – May Calendar

    FIRST WEEK  *Selected Lawn Care Treatment Program Application (Round #3 April/May) Post-emergence Weed Control for Turf and Beds Apply post-emergent weed control as needed. *Tree & Shrub Program   http://weedpro.com/Organic_Tree_Shrub/organic_tree_shrub.html (Round #3 May/June)Pruning of All …Read More

  3. Award Winning Flowers!!..

    All-America Winners.. http://www.weedpro.com/Flowers/flowers.html All-America Selections (AAS) has announced its 2010 Flower Award winner and Bedding Plant Award winners. Flower Award Winner: ‘Mesa Yellow’ gaillardia (blanket flower) ‘Mesa Yellow’ quickly fills in containers,…Read More