1. Flower Beds and Aesthetics

    Mr. Weedy says: planning annual flower beds can create a huge impact on the visual aspect of your home. Commercial properties have done this for years to create a sense of being at home for their customers and to attract customers to their properties. Try color bowls or large container plantings nea…Read More

  2. Tomato Plant tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Would you like a natural suggestion to prevent leaf disease in your tomato plant garden? Use your leftover newspaper to surround each tomato plant about 15 to 20 sheets thick underneath the plant; then lightly cover with pine straw. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with y…Read More

  3. Rhododrendron tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Now that your rhododendrons have finished blooming for the season, simply remove the growing tips of the limbs now that the flowers have run their blooming cycle. If you complete this time-consuming process you'll be assured to have additional flowers next year creating a more specta…Read More

  4. Azalea care

    Mr. Weedy says: Attention Azalea lovers!! Start pruning your early flowering azaleas now. If you have no additional flowers on the plants simply remove any tall sprouts at the base inside the shrub. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects. Additional reference sourc…Read More

  5. Caring for Crowded Irises

    Mr. Weedy says: Irises can become very crowded and smothered if left unattended for long periods of time. Transplant your crowded irises to a new and better location after they have bloomed. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects. Additional reference sources inclu…Read More

  6. Tree Training

    Mr. Weedy says: be sure to remove any sucker growth or snap off tree sprouts from the lower trunk of your Crape Myrtle trees. This will help train the tree to grow in an upright position, creating a uniformed looking at shape. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care directly for help with your landscape projects…Read More

  7. Azalea Lace Bugs

    Mr. Weedy says: It's very easy to spot and identify azalea lace bugs on your azalea shrubs. If you are noticing yellowing or off coloring of the plant leaves, turnover a leaf to examine the underside of the plant and you'll find tiny black dots. Visit Weed Pro lawn care’s education tab for det…Read More

  8. Corn, beans, and peas

    Mr. Weedy says: Try planting corn seeds, beans seeds, and peas now for best results! Use a soaker hose purchased at any lawn and garden supply store to water the vegetables in rows. This process will help prevent weeds and will dramatically save water in the process. Contact Weed Pro Lawn Care direc…Read More

  9. House Plants Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: Now's the time to start watering and feeding your house plants more frequently. Our sun is setting and rising in a new direction which means alternative locations for your pots may be needed inside the house. Water the houseplants more frequently with the onset of more hours of sunsh…Read More