1. Insect Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: check your house plants that you've moved outdoors for the summer for insects and pest. If you notice webbing or white dots underneath the leaves this could be a clear indication of and insect problem in action should be taken immediately. Use a household insecticide that you can fin…Read More

  2. Lawn Mower Maintenance

    Mr. Weedy says: Keeping your mower blades sharp is more important than ever at this time. If you experience mowing difficulties or multiple passes are needed while cutting, try sharpening the blades for optimal results. Keeping your mower height consistent also is very important this time and you ca…Read More

  3. Additional Info Tips

    Mr. Weedy says: You would be surprised what great information can be found at your local extension office in Atlanta Georgia. Beneficial information regarding pruning fruit producing Apple trees, pear trees, and grape vines in Georgia. The information is free and very helpful.  You can also sto…Read More