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Lawn Care Services in Marietta, Atlanta

When you live in Marietta, Georgia you may find it difficult to know exactly what you should be doing to keep your lawn healthy. As the seasons pass, you should be sure that you understand which residential lawn services your lawn will require. Whether you are looking for a fertilization program, weed control, pest elimination, or basic lawn mowing, WeedPro can provide all of the lawn care services that you need.

As you browse through our lawn care services keep in mind that you can sign up for any of the services that our lawn maintenance experts have developed.  Whether you are no a tight budget or you have unlimited resources you can create the perfect lawn service package for you.


Some of the lawn services that we provide can include:

Bed Pre-Emergents

Crabgrass can be a huge headache once it has infested your lawn.  Our Bed Pre-Emergents treatment ensures that you are able to avoid dealing with crabgrass in your grass. We will apply a preventative treatment that can kill the crabgrass before it even starts growing.

flowers_31-300x217Soil Conditioner and Soil Amendments

We do not mess around with the conditioning treatments we give to your lawn.  We are precise and high-quality to ensure that your lawn is getting exactly what it needs by way of nutrients. We are able to be so precise because we start the process by testing your soil to see what your soil is comprised of.

Outdoor Pest Control Services

Grub, insects, and pests can permanently destroy a healthy lawn.  Our Outdoor Pest Control Services treatment will get rid of all of the grub and insect activity after just one application.  When this application is complete we will schedule a follow-up time to ensure that the treatment worked.  If there is still any sign of insect, grub or pest activity we will treat your lawn further.

Weed Control

Our Weed Eliminator programs can help you get rid of weeds that run rampant through your yard.  We will do a pre-emergent spray and then a post-emergent spray so we can get rid of the escape weeds as well.

mole_1-300x217Core Aeration

Having your lawn aerated is a necessary step in ensuring that you are able to have a healthy lawn.  The lawn aeration process will break up the soil at the lawn’s roots to allow oxygen and nutrients access to the grass’ roots. When you have your lawn aerated during the spring and fall months you can ensure that your grass will be receptive to the different treatments it receives in preparation for summer and winter. It’s simple lawn care that truly works.

Cost of Lawn Care

Whether you have an unlimited budget or a tight budget, WeedPro has services that you can take advantage of.  Each service that we offer has been designed by lawn care specialists to ensure that your lawn receives the highest quality lawn care possible. The cost of your lawn services will be determined by the size of your lawn and the service you want.

Our Environmentally Friendly and Organic Products

Each of the products that we use have been designed to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.  We understand that your lawn needs to be safe to use. After receiving our treatment you will not have to be concerned about ground water contamination or even toxic products.

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