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Lawn Care Services in Johns Creek, Georgia

WeedPro is dedicated to providing quality lawn care services in Johns Creek Atlanta. We can help you take back control of your lawn by eliminating weeds, eliminating insects and even increasing the overall health of your lawn. Of course, we also offer the best in lawn mowing and weed control.

Our lawn care services will ensure that you do not have to worry about your lawn anymore. You will be able to enjoy a healthy lawn without the stressors that usually come with a healthy lawn. Find out more about our landscaping below.


Some of the lawn treatments that we provide can include:

Core Aeration

Our lawn aeration service will allow your lawn to get a maximum amount of oxygen and nutrients.  The process breaks up all of the soil at the lawn’s roots to allow the oxygen and nutrients to be fully absorbed by the grass.  We have included this service to ensure that your grass will achieve maximum growth and health.

flowers_31-300x217Outdoor Pest Control Services

Grub, insect and pest activity can be very detrimental to the health of your lawn.  After we apply the treatment we will come back to your home to ensure that the treatment worked. If there is any grub, insect or pest activity we will treat your lawn again to completely eliminate it.

Weed Eliminator

We can guarantee that your lawn is going to be weed free. We will not only apply a preventative pre-emergent treatment but we will also come back with a post-emergent spray if the weeds grow after our preventative spray.  Even if we have to come back to your home after our post-emergent spray to assess the situation and create a new plan of attack, we will get rid of your weeds.

Bed Pre-Emergents

Crabgrass can be a huge eyesore on your lawns and it may also kill your lawn.  Our Bed Pre-Emergents treatment is a preventative treatment that will dramatically minimize the crabgrass you will have to deal with throughout the year.  This treatment is available to all of our customers.

mole_1-300x217Soil Conditioner and Soil Amendments

Soil Conditioner and Soil Amendments is our fertilizer treatment that has been designed to ensure that your grass is fed the right nutrients throughout the growing season. We will test your soil and continue to apply the treatment to ensure that your grass is getting exactly what it needs.


To ensure that your lawn services are priced fairly we will base the price of your services on the services or packages that you choose and the size of your lawn. Remember that you can easily stay within a budget by hand selecting the different services that you would like to purchase.

Irrigation Repair

You don’t want to let your lawn go for too long without water, so call WeedPro Lawn Care and talk to us about our sprinkler repair service. Your lawn will thank you!

Environmentally Friendly and Organic Products

We know how important it is that your lawn be safe to sit on, lay on and even play on. Our eco-friendly products like organic lawn fertilizer will ensure that you never have to worry about your ground water being contaminated.  You will also never have to worry about remnants of toxic materials being left on your lawn because all of our products are 100% environmentally friendly.

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