organic-lawn-care-bannerIn 1986, a university scientist discovered by accident that corn gluten meal possesses the ability to prevent weed seed germination.

Corn gluten meal, also known simply as corn gluten, is a byproduct of corn processing. Corn gluten meal is an effective and natural pre-emergence herbicide for treating turfgrass and other crops. It is used in cattle feed and dog food, is a source of protein, and is very safe when used around people and pets.


Corn gluten meal inhibits the root formation of germinating plants. It does not, however, inhibit the growth of roots of mature plants or transplants. When soil is treated with corn gluten, seeds will germinate but they only form a shoot with no roots. After any water related stress, the seedlings will wilt and die because they do not have an adequate root system.

What makes it work?

Corn gluten weed control works because it contains natural chemicals called peptides that inhibit root formation at the time of germination. To use corn gluten meal for lawns, timing is very important. You have to apply this herbicide before the weeds germinate. Corn gluten weed control works on a variety of broadleaf and grass seed weeds; crabgrass is the primary target, but it also helps inhibit dandelion and clover germination.

Corn gluten meal in turfgrass:

Corn gluten meal provides pre-emergence weed control and a 10% nitrogen source, making it a useful product for use in turfgrass. It can also be used to control weeds in mature turf without harming the desirable grass plants. Finally, it can also be used as a “weed and feed,” which means that it kills germinating weeds while stimulating the growth of established plants.

The corn gluten herbicide is very effective and is preferred by an increasing number of people that don’t want to use chemicals. If that’s you, give us a call and we’ll perform a lawn treatment that you’ll be happy to live with. WeedPro Lawn Care is ready to help you improve your landscaping!